Folding bikes can be used for many different occasions and purposes. Either you have a long distance ride or a quick trip to grocery store in your neighbor hood, accessories to your folding bikes will enhance your riding experiences. There are a wide range of products you can choose to accessorize your bike. This list below will explain what and why you should have.

Carrier racks

These guys are very helpful in creating extra space for carrying belongings on your folding bikes. There are two main types of racks: rear racks and front racks.

Rear racks are installed above the back wheel of your bikes. It is not difficult to install carrier rear racks but your bike needs to have needed mounting locations. When you load a large amount of stuff on the back of your bike, it is also easier to ride than having the stuff on the front. This is why rear racks are more suitable for heavy carriage.

Front racks, in contrast to rear rack, are installed over the front wheel of your bikes. They are less preferable to rear racks in term of carrying heavy load of items because it causes difficulty in controlling the ride. Front racks are more suitable to holding light load​.

Carrying bags​

If you need to fly oversea and want to take a folding bike with you, a carrying bag is highly recommended to keep your bike covered and protected safely. It avoids your bike from scratching or rubbing with sharp things. In addition, a carrying bag is very convenient to wrap up your bike. With a padded shoulder strap, you are able to carry with ease on your shoulders and your hands are kept free to handle other things.​


Never spend your money on cheap and easy-to-break locks because you might trade off hundreds bucks invested in your folding bikes. It is highly recommended to purchase good quality locks to keep your folding bike safe from thieves, especially when you often park your bike in public places such as pavements, parks, etc. Prices of locks also vary widely but with under $50 you can easily find a good one already.


Mirrors are literally your third eye – which helps to give you a view of what vehicles you without your turning back. It is simply all about your safety during the ride. Folding bikes are normally not equipped with mirrors but you can easily get one for an affordable amount of money.


Alike mirrors, lights are another important items to enhance your riding safety especially when you ride in the evenings, through rain or fog. Lights are also cheap and very adaptable for most bicycles.


There are obviously many more things you can choose to add to your folding bike such as speedometer (for keeping track on your velocity), seat cover, stems, bells, etc. The possibility is huge upon your own needs. In this post, only most basic accessories are included. They are probably first things you want to buy to add your folding bikes.

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