Folding bicycles are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. One obvious reason is they are very compact since it can be folded, thus easy to carry around, especially on public transportation. Because they are compact, they take up less space when stored or parked. Although smaller than regular bicycles, they are adjustable to suit a person’s height. To further complement this advantage, it is necessary that they are very light weight. The lightest folding bikes are in our opinion the best.

With so many manufacturers and suppliers, you may be hard-pressed to choose a suitable model. This article would like to present the seven best models of lightweight folding bikes for the year.

Top 7 Light Weight Folding Bikes Reviewed

  1. Allen Sports Ultra X

The Allen Sports Ultra X Superlight lives up to its name. It weighs in at 8.50 kilograms (kg) and and looks very attractive as well. The bike boasts of an ultra-light frame made of carbon fiber and has ultra-light pedals. Because of its light weight, the Superlight is billed as one of the world’s fastest and lightest folding bikes.

With simplicity and comfort in mind, the bike is easy to fold and unfold, and the procedure is very straightforward. No complicated steps. When folded, the bike is so small it will fit in small or cramped spacea at home or the workplace, even at the car’s trunk or on public transportation.

The wheels are 451 millimeters (mm) wide and the Sram X9 10-speed rear derailleur and Shimano 2-speed front derailleur that helps make the ride smooth, even when going uphill.

One issue noted is it lacks kickstand. Another one is it is rather expensive.

  1. Brompton S2L Superlight

Brompton has made a name for itself as one of the most popular folding bike brands and they are always known for the exceptional design and build quality. The S2L Superlight is no exception.

Where some bikes are made of carbon fiber, this model is made of titanium and steel. As a result of this combination, it weighs 10.2 kg. The adjustable handlebars are the S-type which is flat where it is said allows for a sportier ride. The seat is adjustable and could be fitted with a telescoping one for taller riders. The bike comes with two gears, and Brompton also offers -7 per cent and -18 per cent options for lower speeds or more challenging gradients.

The bike also comes with mudguards which is handy during rainy weather. Folding the bike is quick and intuitive one does not need to take long to ponder. It is so small when folded it can fit baggage racks or under seats of buses and trains. It is so light, carrying it is hardly a problem at all.

  1. Dahon Speed Uno

The Dahon Speed Uno is smaller than its sibling the Mu Uno. Its simple design makes it handy in crowded cities. In terms of weight, it is 10.8 kg and considered the lightest in Dahon’s lineup. It is so simple, this model is one-speed, making it less complicated to use when riding around the city. Because of this, there is no front brake as it may appear to make it look cluttered with cables.

Safety is a main feature of the Speed Uno. It has a secondary lock on the latch, making it secure. While it may not have a front brake, there is a coaster brake(on the pedals) which may take some getting used to.

  1. Tern Verge X10

The Verge X10 is a quick little rig, scooting forward with each stroke of the pedal and maintaining a healthy and efficient pace befitting of a mid-ranged road bike than something intended for commuting.

Made of aluminum, the bike weighs 9.8 kg and the wheels 20 inches in diameter. Though not stiff, the frame is stout enough to be be sturdy and not cause a wiggle or wobble. The seat post is solid, suggesting, it can carry heavier users.

Pedaling feels especially peculiar as there is almost no resistance and with the fulcrum point so much closer to the ground than on a full-sized bike, it is so nimble and maneuverable in tight spaces.

The bike is easy to fold, taking a minimum of 15 seconds to complete. When folded, it can fit is bagge compartments or under the seats of buses and trains, as well as the trunk of a car. Rubber straps and magnets keep it secure while folded.

Braking is reasonable good due to the linear-pull brakes. Ashima pads help generate reasonable bite despite lacking a disc brake.

  1. Retrospec Speck SS

For an entry-level folding bike, the Retrospec Speck SS performs as expected. While it may not exceed in any department and may easily break, it functions well in most situations.

This folding bicycle has been designed to be extremely minimalist without too many extra features. The idea is to get to point A to B with less hassle with complicated features. This model defies general thinking that a very cheap and overly simple bike is a poorly made one.

In terms of weight, it is 9.96 kg, light enough to easily carry it around. It only has a single gear, so when there is a need to brake, simply pedal backwards. For those used to hand brakes, this may be daunting but it will take some getting used to. Prior owners swear this is very functional and comes in handy in various situations. Despite the single gear, it can still be relatively fast in capable hands. Folding the bike takes at least 20 seconds.

The quality of the build may leave a lot to desire since it is made of cheap materials and there is a concern it may easily be damaged when abused. Another concern is the locking mechanism may get stuck. As mentioned earlier, this is an entry-level bike and it can be inferred, meant for those on a small budget.

  1. Montague Boston

The bike’s frame is made of aluminium with a steel fork. There are two parallel top tubes to ensure rigidity. These are slightly bowed, which is thought to help to dampen road vibration. The design means that the main frame tubes have no joint in them, thereby making them lighter and more robust than a design with a hinge in the frame.

The brakes are Promax dual pivot calipers and a Montague branded saddle with a cut-out mounted on a 27.2mm alloy seatpost and alloy platform pedals. The rear wheel is bolted on to allow the chain length to be adjusted for single speed mode. The hub is a flip-flop design so that the bike can be run either with a freewheel or fixed.

The Montague Boston feels very stable with no sign of flex in the frame. The ride is comfortable over rough surfaces due to the wide tires.

The Montague Boston has a design which may not be very compact but has benefits in riding. The larger wheels roll very well and give a more familiar ride than a smaller wheeled machine. Needless to say, this is for those who want a full-sized bike but foldable.

  1. Raleigh Stowaway 7

The Stowaway 7 is ideal for tight spaces such as apartments, caravans and vacation homes. It is also handy to carry and stow in public transportation or in trunks of cars.

The aluminum hinged frame folds down makes it easy to tuck the bike away. Magnets keep the bike secure when folded, so no worry it will come loose at the slightest jolt. The 20-inch wheels are large enough to be practical for a folding bike but still compact enough to save save space. The padded seat means provides comfort in long rides.

The Stowaway comes with 7-speed Shimano Tourney gears for enough range for practicality while still keeping it simple and easy to ride. Powerful alloy V-brakes provide good stopping power and the reflective graphics running along the side of the bike add extra visibility in low light conditions.

The bike has elicited numerous positive feedbacks from those who bought it, underscoring it is a quality bike that is very reliable.

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