Exercise bikes are one of the most popular workout apparatuses around. One of its benefits is it helps develop stamina and burn calories. This is convenient for people who do not have the luxury of biking outdoors but still need to work out.

If that is not enough, especially for people on the go, they may not have time to exercise at home and need to get to work right away and there is a need to bring our exercise bike to work or wherever you need to go somewhere. Exercise bikes may take up space, particularly for those who live in apartments and condominiums. Thus, folding exercise bikes are the next best thing even though the lack the stability and durability of a regular-size exercise bike.

Here are five of the popular models of folding exercise bikes for 2020. The selected models all have consoles that monitor pulse rate, calories burned, speed, distance and time just like regular exercise bikes. All seats are adjustable according to the users’ height.

Top 5 Exercise Folding Bikes

  1. Ultrasport Unisex F-Bike Bicycle Trainer

Fully collapsible, the F-Bike helps the user improve his or her cardio and fitness level with a pulse reader to help users push themselves to their limits. It has eight resistance levels that add tension to the workout, allowing users to challenge themselves in finding the perfect resistance level for burning calories and develop endurance as they get in shape.

In terms of weight capacity, the F-Bike can handle users weighing 100 kilograms (kg) though there is a heavy-duty model for those who weigh about 130 kg. The seat is padded to give comfort to the user.

The heart rate sensors are on the handlebars, so users can effortlessly monitor their heart rate the entire time. This is a great way to monitor just how effective the workouts are.

Despite the features, there may be some drawbacks. For one, the resistance levels may not be adequate or challenging enough for extreme users. Therefore, this is well-suited for beginners or average users.

Putting the bike together is very easy. The entire assembly process can be done in less than 30 minutes. The frame comes pre-assembled, so the only thing needed is to attach the pedals, seat and handlebars. Once the bike is assembled, just add batteries to the LCD display and start pedaling.

Although it is not totally silent, this bike is quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors or anyone else in the house if you use it at night.

  1. Exerpeutic 525XLR

This bike is designed for maximizing comfort, blood flow, cardiovascular and lower body workouts. It has a heavy-duty steel frame (27% more steel) and has a low-gravity design, making it sturdier and more durable in handling heavier users. This is made possible by two stabilizing tubes in the front and rear. With its durability comes a drawback ― it is slightly heavier. This is offset by wheels when one needs to move it.

The bike is equipped with heavy-duty powder coated steel frame construction and comes with a padded seat and backrest, three-piece crank system, and magnetic tension control system. These all make for a smooth and consistent pedaling feeling, and not noisy.

Another drawback is the bike is not fully assembled, save for the pre-installed components and frame, and it may take you an hour to put it together. Despite the padded seat, it is rather hard and lacks a shock absorption system which may cause discomfort for heavyweight users.

Nonetheless, the 525XLR is affordable and ideal for very heavy users because of its very sturdy design.

  1. Roger Black Gold

This bike weighs 17 kg, making it easy to move around. It has eight levels of frictionless magnetic resistance that is adjusted by a knob on the frame. The pedals are self-leveling and has straps to ensure stability, and the heart and pulse rate sensors are on the handlebars.

It has a smooth, stylish curved design, predominantly in black. It is easy to fold, and with manageable dimensions of H118, W41, D85cm. It is not complicated to assemble and it will only take between 15 and 30 minutes in just three easy steps.

Not only is the seat adjustable, but so are the handlebars (horizontal adjustment). This can be done without tool which will not make fingers sore when turning the screws.

Because the magnetic resistance is frictionless, the noise level is quiet if not silent, thanks to the 3-kg flywheel. The LCD console is intuitive and very easy to figure out without the need to consult the instruction manual.

The bike can handle users weighing a maximum of 100 kg thanks to its sturdy design and construction.

Its robust feature does not require any serious maintenance. There is no need to lubricate or service periodically. Roger Black Gold is a truly simple beginner-to-intermediate home exercise folding bike, perfect for those living in apartments or places with limited spaces.

  1. Skandika Foldaway Fitness Bike X-1000

Weighing 16.5 kg, the X-1000 is highly recommend because of its quality design, and provides a smooth and quiet handling. It is sturdy enough to accommodate users weighing up to 110 kg. This exercise bike has a 2.6-kg flywheel allowing for a quiet session, and eight levels of magnetic resistance that is manually adjusted by a knob.

The X-1000 comes in different colors ― black, green, white, and red. The heart and pulse rate sensors are on the handlebars allowing users to monitor their fitness level through the LCD display.

The X-1000 has backrest for added comfort, especially for the elderly in addition to the adjustable seat. The pedals are ergonomic and have straps to ensure the feet stay in place. It is easy to assemble and stow after folding.

The only drawback of the X-1000 is it may be difficult to use by people under five feet in height, as it may be hard to get on. Considering it is designed as an entry-level unit, this may not suit those seeking a more intense workout.

  1. XS Sports Magnetic Foldable Exercise Bike

The XS Sports boasts of a rock-solid frame making it durable and sturdy to accommodate users weighing a maximum of 100 kg. The manufacturers swear each unit has passed quality control and they are guaranteed to last. The bike weighs 14 kg and is not difficult to carry around between storage and workout area. The pedals are larger than normal but have adjustable straps to keep the feet secure.

This unit has a variable magnetic resistance, where the level of resistance can be adjusted by the knob or dial, a 1.6-kg flywheel allowing for a smooth and quiet session, and is ergonomic from the seat to pedal to allow for a comfortable ride while burning calories and keeping the heart pumping. The LCD display is batter-powered so no worries contending with electric cords.

The seat is padded for added comfort which is necessary when engaged in a prolonged workout and comes with a backrest so as not to stress the back. It is easy to assemble and should not take longer than 30 minutes (15 if one is very efficient and quick).

All in all the XS Sports’ main asset over other brands is it provides comfort with the padded chair and backrest. It has a robust design, allowing it to handle heavyweight users and is not likely to break down during usage.

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