If you are looking for an aesthetically designed folding bike which is built to last, Dahon is the brand you should first look at. Dahon has established its reputation as the world’s leading folding bike manufacturer and their products have gained customer trusts for years. The name of this folding bike – Mariner – is inspired by seafaring bikers who have difficulty storing their bikes within limited space on a boat. However, its portability is also ideal for urban bikers. In the mid-price range of under $600, Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike is one of the best values.


7 speeds allow riders to tackle both flats and hills – which makes the bike outstanding from others in the same product range. There is no difficult in handling even the biggest grade hills. It rides fast, safely and comfortably.

​Either you use Dahon Mariner D7 for a quick errand around town, an exercise ride in a park or a work commute it works perfectly in any conditions.


​The frame is made from aluminum and weights lighter than other regular steel frames. With custom-drawn Sobus tubing and six patented technologies, Mariner D7 is made to last. The rear derailleur features crisp, fast shifting which makes it easy and smooth for riders to change the speed while riding.

​Particularly designed to deal with rough oceanic conditions, the bike coating is made rust-resistant. Rear rack and fenders are included. Adjustable stem makes it versatile to anybody’s forms.

​A lot of customers also give compliments on how solid the bike is built and it gives the feeling of a full-sized bike while riding. In addition, good range of gears increase stability and security of the ride.


Particularly designed for boaters, the bike is meant to fit in even the smallest compartment on boats. It makes your in-shore journey less hassle and more convenient. It takes less than 15 seconds to fold Mariner D7.​

Even when you commute to work and would like to fold the bike under your desk, it will fit just perfectly. The bike is a truly space-saver.​

Pros and Cons


  • This is one of the best-selling folding bikes in the US. This fact itself can say a lot.
  • Dahon Mariner D7 is rust resistant. As its name implies, the bike is also suitable for travel on sea and handle well the weather condition.
  • Frame is made from high quality material – 7005 lightweight aluminum.
  • When folded the bike can function as a portable seat which is very versatile for different usage.
  • Handle bar is height adjustable.
  • 5 year warranty for the frame and 2 year warranty for spare parts.


  • Despite being rust-resistant, Mariner D7 is not rust-proof. It is recommended to have proper check-up and maintenance regularly to minimize the chance of corrosion.
  • Comes in only one color.


Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike is a high value investment you can whole-heartedly put into. The quality, workmanship, performance and design of this bike are absolutely outstanding. With lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon, it is no surprised that the Mariner is among the best sellers​

If you are interested in Dahon folding bikes but look for a lower priced option, check out our Dahon Speed Uno review.​

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