Congratulations if you have decided to bike to work. It might be the best decision you have made so far. Bicycling is a fun, healthy and cost-saving activity. However, commuting to work on a bicycle might be a bit troublesome if you don’t well prepare. In this post we will give some tips on how to make biking to work safe and enjoyable.

Benefits of Commuting by Bike​

There is no doubt about the health benefits of bicycling. It is a great cardio to burn calories and help losing weights. Depending on your weights and your pace of cycling, the amount of calorie burnt per hour varies tremendously. In addition, according to a study, cycling also reduces the risk of a heart attack by fifty percent if one rides 20 miles per week. If you are an office worker and likely to sit all day at work, it will help to cut down on passive sitting time by starting and ending your day with riding a bicycle. And definitely it will boost your energy for the day!​

It is also a fact that bicycling is environment-friendly and cost-saving especially compared to commuting by car.

Possible Risks and How to Avoid Them​

You maybe not so keen on riding a bicycle to work due to certain inconveniences. For example, you need to be present at office punctually and keep yourself away from sweat for the working day. Actually there are always easy solutions to these small problems and your commuting experience can be really enjoyable and beneficial.

Cycling Routes & Traffic

It is highly recommended to spend your free time to do some research and actually do a trial ride back and forth from home to work. It is the best way to actually see your daily cycling route and what kind of risks might be awaited.

Heavy traffic during rush hour is the first factor to consider. Is there any less traffic route for you to bike? Is there any public transportation which you can carry your bike on to cut off bicycling time?


Considering riding early in the morning or back late in the evening, you should be aware of how dangerous it could be. Also remember to have a tool kit in case your bicycle needs fixing on the way. Read later on the essential gear list to check up what should be prepared for a safe ride.

Parking Place​

It is such a breeze if you can fold your bike and hide it under your desk. But if you don’t own a folding bicycle, it’s better to check if there is a safe indoor place to keep your bicycle.

Dressing & Undressing

It is not so appropriate to be so sweaty and smelly at work. So you might need to consider a possible way to take a quick shower at work and have your work clothes ready to change. Also if you live in area with harsh weather, appropriate clothing is a must​.

Essential Gears

  • A durable bicycle: Invest in a good one. It doesn’t have to be super expensive but needs to be sturdy enough
  • A helmet: Always put the safety first before hopping on your bike
  • Lights: Both headlights and taillights are needed. Strong headlights are for lighting the roadway and taillights are for alerts.
  • Protective and waterproof clothing: Get yourself prepared for the weather. Raincoat, wind breaker or appropriate clothing are must be considered.
  • You might also need other accessories for your bike depending on your own situation. At least these are basic must-haves for a safe and fun ride to work. 

With this ultimate guide to biking to work, we hope you will constantly get motivated and enjoy the ride!​

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