6 reviews of the brand Dahon, which folding bikes you should buy!

Bikes of different sizes and shapes are essential for our routine commuting needs. But most of the people find it difficult to handle their awkward shape. They are tough to be stored, transported and carried around as well.

In order to deal with the parking issue, some manufacturers have now designed folding bikes to serve your needs. They are capable enough to fit into a tiny space when folded and can take you on a comfortable ride on busy roads.

If you are planning to buy a folding bike, we advise you to go through the detailed article below. Here you will find expert guidelines on how to choose the best folding bike along with a list of 6 best Dahon bikes in the market.

What is a Dahon folding bike?

Folding bike is a special kind of bicycle that can be folded down into a compact form. These bikes appear easier to carry and can be stored with ease. They can fit into the areas where your regular bikes cannot be stored.

There are a variety of folding methods that can be used to design these bikes. The variation depends upon the brand you select. At the same time, manufacturers add more care to their ride quality, pedal efficiency, and weight range as well. There are so many big brands that are known for designing folding bikes, but the top name in the list is Dahon. Below we have highlighted a few important aspects of Dahon bikes.

What are the benefits of Dahon Folding Bikes?

There are unlimited benefits of having a Dahon folding bike; few of them are listed below:

  • Space considerations:

The first most important benefit of investing in a Dahon folding bike is that it needs very less space for storage. Foldies can be easily placed below the staircase or they can be squeezed into any tiny space. Dahon folding bikes do not clutter much of your space at tiny apartments.

  • Commuting:

Another amazing benefit of having a folding bike is that they are easier to ride for your routine office needs. You can ditch the traffic with easy by taking dedicated bike lanes. You can even take these bikes to some other cities in bus or car to enjoy your ride over there.

  • Reliable and affordable:

These bikes are designed with high-quality materials to ensure the desired level of comfort. At the same time, the affordable price allows buyers to have the best value for their money. You can trust the brand Dahon for the incredible performance.

Dahon Folding Bike Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in a Dahon Folding Bike?

Beginners that are planning to buy Dahon Bike may be little confused about how to choose the best bike for their routine needs. Well, it is important to mention that Dahon has launched many folding bikes within the past few years. So, it is better to compare a few essential features to choose the most suitable out of that huge collection.

Below we have listed a few essential features that demand your attention:

  • Folding dimensions:

The folding bikes can be reduced to almost half of the size when they are folded. The frame size and wheel design are also important factors that decide the folding dimensions of a bike. Some of the most common options you can find with Dahon bikes are 24-inches, 20-inches and 16-inches.

  • Weight:

Another important factor that one should consider while buying a Dahon bike is a lightweight finish. You should look for the easy to carry and portable bike. Make sure you can take it to different places during your outdoor visits without adding an extra burden to your luggage.

  • Speeds:

When you are planning to invest in folding bikes to meet your routine commutation needs, it is important to give priority to speed. The latest Dahon bicycles can have gears from 1 to 20 with rear and front derailleurs. But one should not believe that having more gear is better; rather, it is better to consider a number of gears based on the type of road you need to ride every day.

  • Price:

How can we forget to talk about the price? When you are making such a huge investment, it is always important to plan your budget well. When you know the range of possible investment, you can easily shortlist the products in the market.

Check out: List of 6 Best Dahon Folding Bikes:

Here is the list of best Dahon bikes in the market that you can think of buying to meet your routine transportation needs:

  1. Dahon Mariner D8-D9 Bike:

This bike is made to fit into a tiny boat compartment so that mariners can enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey on shores. The 7-gear system makes can serve your needs on both hilly terrains and plain roads. Manufacturers have added DHV-107 calliper brakes to the rear and front wheel.

The frame of this Dahon bike is designed using 7005 lightweight aluminium material that makes it easier to carry. The total weight of this bike is only 26 pounds. Furthermore, the simple folding and unfolding mechanism make it pretty simple and hassle-free to manage.


  • Comes with fenders and a rear rack.
  • Easy folding mechanism.
  • 7-speed gear system.


  • It needs some maintenance.
  • Available in only one colour.
  1. Dahon Vybe 7 Bike:

This bike is loaded with 7 speed Shimano FT35 rear Derailleur. The efficient gear shift mechanism allows concise and quick shifting on all kind of terrains. People find it suitable for all long and short distance rides. The V-brake system makes it a powerful choice for all riders.

The design is finished with a forged-aluminium handlebar that is height adjustable. Other than this, the 20”x16” Schwalbe Citizen tires make it a more comfortable and stable choice for rides. The bike can be easily folded in just 15 seconds and it requires lesser space for storage.


  • Unisex design with easy folding mechanism.
  • Comes with front and rear fenders.
  • 7-speed gears and lightweight aluminium frame.


  • Needs some improvement for height adjustability.
  1. Dahon Speed D8 Bike:

This bike is designed with 20” tires that ensure more stability on all type of terrains. The shock-absorbing abilities of this bike make it a safe solution for riders. The handlebars are adjustable and lightweight. Furthermore, the 7-speed gear system ensures more freedom for the plain, decline and incline roads.

The folding and unfolding mechanism of this bike is pretty easier; you can make it ready for storage and ride in just 18 seconds. Other than this, the V-brake system ensures solid performance with efficient handling.


  • Designed with the efficient braking mechanism.
  • Seatpost and handlebar are easier to adjust.
  • Needs lesser folding and unfolding time.


  • Heavyweight bike.
  1. Dahon Speed 9 Bike:

People find this bike really compact with an easy storage solution. Also, it can be carried with ease in any public transport to the home and office. The frame is made up of aluminium alloy and manufacturers provide 5 yeas warranty on workmanship. The handles are also adjustable and fit to the specific needs and comfort of the rider.

The 8-speed gear system makes it a promising bike for every terrain. The 20”x1.75” Streetpac tires make it a sturdy option for bumpy roads. Moreover, the efficient shock absorbers can boost its capacity by a considerable level.


  • The top-notch components make it a reliable option for riders.
  • Designed with the 8-speed gear system.
  • Compact and sleek finish.
  • Suits to every weather condition.


  • Paint can get damaged with ease.
  • Appears little heavyweight.
  1. Dahon Speed Uno Bike:

This bike is designed with rear coaster brake technology that allows easy rides on urban streets. The easy folding mechanism makes it ready to store in just 15 seconds and it needs very less space. The magnetic latching system with double lock technology makes it secure when folded.

You will be happy to hear that this bike is fully customizable with several potential upgrades. The high-quality aluminium frame further makes it an amazing choice for life-long performance.


  • Finished with magnetic latching and double locking system.
  • Highly compact, sturdy and strong bike.
  • Customizable design.


  • Single-speed control.
  1. Dahon Boardwalk Bike:

Here is a suitable choice for riders of different height ranges. The seat post and stem, both are adjustable for the riders between the height range of 5 to 7 feet. Users may need only 15 seconds for folding and unfolding this bike.  People find it easier to carry with the store as well.

Few key features of this bike include a rear rack, kickstand and the fenders. Furthermore, the customizable design ensures classic appeal. Manufacturers used H-Tensile steel to create this bike that leads to highly stable and durable performance.


  • Affordable, strong and sturdy design.
  • Clean and compact finish.
  • Rapid folding mechanism.


  • Single-speed option.
  • The wheel locking mechanism is missing.

Summary and conclusion

If you are planning to buy Dahon folding bikes, we advise you to compare the best ones available in the list above. This buyers guide might have cleared the confusion in your mind, and now you can take a more suitable decision about the best purchase. Make sure you pick a bike that fits your budget and specific terrain requirements. The variety of style and design options make it easier to find something that fits your personality.

Prefer to check the collections online to ensure best buy offers with reasonable price tags. They are delivered in the fully assembled form so that you can enjoy a ride soon.

How to

How to choose the best Dahon folding bike

  1. Q. How to know which folding bike suits your needs best?

    A. The best thing that you need to analyse is the type of terrain where you need to ride the folding bicycle. The simple single gear bikes can serve you on well-maintained city streets; but for tough terrains, you may need multiple gear-shifters.

  2. Q. How to compare folding bikes?

    A. While making the final purchase decision, you should first make a decision about the preferred budget range. It allows easy shortlisting out of available options. Further, it is better to consider ease of folding and the ability to ride on tough terrains.

  3. Q. How to find the best deals for the folding bike?

    A. If you are looking for the best deals to buy folding bikes, it is good to check online purchase platforms. One can also avail special offers during holiday season and occasions.


Q. Why I should consider buying Dahon folding bikes?

A. Well, there are so many reasons to spend on Dahon folding bikes. They are designed with more precision and ensure a safe riding experience on the road. These bikes are much more efficient than traditional options in the market. The variety of colour ranges with stylish and classic designs make Dahon highly preferred solution for folding bikes.  

Q. Should I buy a folding bike?

A. In today’s overcrowded world, folding bikes can help you manage easy storage of bike at home and office as well. Foldies are also easier to carry due to their lightweight finish and compact packaging. They can be transported in the plane, boat, bus, car and train with ease.

Q. How compact are Dahon Folding Bikes?

A. The recent collection of Dahon bikes is designed to meet every class of compactness. You can find 16”, 20” and 26” options that ensure easy storage. You can even store these bikes easily in your car during outdoor visits.

Q. Are smaller wheels slower as compared to the large wheels?

A. Technically speaking; no. It is actually the matter of rolling resistance, and that is higher for the smaller wheels. Other than this, one need to check the performance advantages; the bikes with smaller wheels accelerate faster, allowing better aerodynamics.

Q. How much does Dahon Folding Bike cost?

A. Dahon has a wide range of electric bikes that promote clean transportation. This brand is known for providing folding bikes at the most affordable price range. However, there is no need to worry about material quality and components.

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