Combining two cool things – cycling and travelling – is the coolest thing ever! Travelling with a bicycle has so many advantages. It is a big trend nowadays for travelers to carry with them a bicycle besides their backpack.

But in this article, we would like to have an insight in particularly travelling with a folding bike. Why should you choose a folding bike over a regular bicycle while travelling? Below is the list of 5 noteworthy reasons:​

You can store the bike with security

With a full-sized bicycle, you are certainly not allowed to bring it inside the hotel/hostel room and have to let them locked outside. In such case, the risk of having your bike stolen is really high. But a folding bike can be easily folded into a small size and neatly stays in your own room. And obviously it is much safer there​.

You can go explore with ease​

Instead of walking touring, you now have more power to go faster and further. It is super easy to hop on your folding bike, ride around and explore many interesting places. You also have higher chances of exploring less-known places which other travellers may not have the opportunity to reach. There is nothing as much fun as exploring your travel destination freely with a folding bike.

​You can save a lot of money

Transportation always takes a big part of travelling budget. In some countries it is extremely expensive to use their transportation service. It is when a folding bike is definitely helpful. A folding bike allows you to tremendously cut on rental car costs or public transportation expenses while travelling.

You can carry it around with no trouble​

With such a compact design and a much lighter weight than other regular bicycles, a folding bike is easily carried by travelers to wherever they go. Especially when going onboard, packing a folding bike definitely causes you less trouble than having a whole big bicycle.

You get the cardio​

Travelers mostly don’t have time to work out when being on the road. But travelling with a folding bike makes it so easy and convenient to do cardio and sweat it off. In addition, cycling is such a great form of physical exercise. If you are a sporty and active person, travelling with a folding bike would be an amazing experience for you. Or even if you are not so familiar with travelling on wheels, try it out!​

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