3 Ways to Earn Extra Money with Your Bicycle

ways to earn extra money with your bicycle

We all know that cycling is an efficient way to live a healthy and economical life. But have you ever thought of monetizing your beloved bike? Of course, it won't help you to get rich, but it's always great to get some extra cash on hands.

In this article, you can find some useful and practical ideas that you can put into action and enjoy the fun of making a side income with your bike. 

Rent Your Bike

Unless you use your bike everyday, the chance is there might be time your bike is just left idle in garage corner. So why not rent it out to people who are in need and get some money in return?

I'd recommend Spinlister - my favorite app that works similar to Airnb, but for bicycles instead of apartments. All you need to do is list required information and photos of your bike, then wait for offer from somebody who is interested in renting your bike.  

The thing I like the most about Spinlister is that it is very safe and fully protective. If my bike gets damaged or stolen, Spinlister steps in and I will get reimbursement. They compensate up to $10000 for bicycles. How great does it sound? Give it a try and you will fall in love as how I did. 

Deliver Food

This is a great way to get some cycling exercises, explore routes you haven't been in the town and increase your side income. 

All you need to have is a bike and a phone with Internet connection. There are many different apps executing this great ideas. You just need to check what is applicable in the area you are currently based. 

If you happen to live in the Northeast, I'd recommend to try Dashed. ​The great thing about them is you can get paid weekly. If you are hungry for quick cash, this is an easy and healthy way! 

Become a Bicycle Tour Leader​

In touristic cities, there are always high demands for bicycle tour guides especially during high seasons.​ If you are a travel and cycling enthusiast like me, this is the perfect task that brings both money and joy to you!

You can also cooperate with local tourist offices to look for this kind of work. The other options is that you open your own tour and team up with a bike rental shop to cut advertisement costs. 

Do you have any other ideas of squeezing some additional side income with your bicycle? Share with us in the comment below! All ideas are welcome!

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