Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike 18 Speed Review

Stowabike 26
An inexpensive full-size folding bike with some disadvantages of cheap components.


Design - 8
Functionality - 7.5
Mobility - 7
Price - 8



An inexpensive full-size folding bike with some disadvantages of cheap components.

This is a decent choice of folding mountain bike for the price of just under $200 that you can rarely find elsewhere. It is properly functioned, having a wide selection of gear that allows riders go smoothly both on and off road. Despite some drawbacks in its component quality, this folding mountain bicycle still offers absolutely great values for the low-end price range.

Pros and Cons


  • Its high-quality parts are manufactured by Shimano – one of the world’s leading cycling component manufacturer.
  • The sturdy and nice-looking frame is made from industrial grade steel with the folding functionality, helping you to save a lot of space for storage in your apartment or garage. If you are on the road and would like to take the bike with you, it easily fits in your car trunk with no doubt.
  • 18 speed gear system allows the bike to perform smoothly on different road surfaces, especially when it comes to off-road cycling.
  • Alloy body spring-shocks at 750lbs/in functions excellently in reducing shock or pressure, and ensure a smooth, stable ride.
  • The package also comes with tools needed to assembly the bike.


  • The frame is made from steel so it is rather heavy.
  • Assembly might be difficult. Adjustment is definitely recommended before putting the bike into usage.
  • The seat is quite tall.
  • The brake is rather fragile. 


  • Speed: 18 speeds
  • Frame: steel Stowabike
  • Wheels: 26"
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Folded size: L 39" x H 35" x W 23,5"
  • Shifters: Microshif 3-speed on the left and 6-speed on the right.
  • Front Derailleur: Saigun QD-23a
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50
  • Alloy body spring shock, 750lbs/in

At this price range, you can’t expect a super premium folding bike. However, with such a competitive price tag, this Stowabike definitely offers great value for both features in one product: mountain bike and folding bike. Stowabike 26″ folding dual-suspension mountain bike 18 speed is suitable for moderate riding on and off road. In overall, this is a decent bike which is both foldable and heavy-duty.

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