Retrospec Speck SS Folding Bike Review

Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle Review


Design - 8.5
Functionality - 8
Portability - 7.5
Durability - 6.5
Price - 8



Retrospec Speck SS folding bike has been one of the best seller products of Retrospec – a leading manufacturer in urban lifestyle bicycles. With multiple choices of colors, a hip design and, more importantly, an affordable price of under $300, this Retrospec Speck is another good choice for urban riders and commuting cyclists

Retrospec Speck has a cool, hip design with a sturdy and sharp construction. There are a few of different colors which are suitable for either males or females. You can check out from the photos below. Retrospec Speck SS design also emphasizes the portability. It is neatly folded and ideal for bringing on bus, subway or any public transportation. It is also perfect for camping trips or travelling holidays.

The frame is made from aluminium, which makes it 30% lighter than other bikes whose frames are made from steel or chromonoly. Weighing 20 pounds (around 10 kilos), the bike is easy to carry, lift up or transport to anywhere.​

As most of folding bikes, Retrospec Speck SS has a 20-inch wheel size. These smaller wheels (compared to 26-inch common size on adult bikes) enhance maneuverability, make quick acceleration, weigh light and take minimal storage space. You can easily all other folding bikes reviewed have 20-inch wheels​.

Single-speed feature is made easy particularly for urban riders to ride and commute on flat roads in any weather conditions. Without gearing systems as other multi-geared bikes, a single-speed folding bike has fewer parts requiring maintenance.

Coaster brake functions as a rear brake which is activated by pedaling backwards. It stays internally and rarely requires adjustments or maintenance


  • Ergonomic grips and the famous Retrospec saddle make your cycling experience so comfortable,
  • Small and fast, possibly as fast as a full scale single-speed bicycle.
  • The handlebar height is adjustable.
  • The specially designed commuter tires allows large amount of water dispersion.


  • Only recommended for casual, leisure biking on flat roads and small hills.
  • Locking mechanism is not included
  • Those who are not familiar with coaster brakes may need some time to practice
  • Tall riders may not feel comfortable with the a bit small crank length


If you are looking for a folding bike with a combination of style, function, performance and affordable price, Retrospec Speck SS is a great option. It is ideally ridden on flat roads in urban areas or your neighbour hoods. You can also easily carry it around and jump on bus or subway​. 

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