Mini Cooper Folding Bike Review

Mini Cooper Folding Bike Review

Mini Cooper folding bike is an automotive branded bike that appears to be an assemblage of Dahon and Tern hardware. Its solid aluminum frame and durable components, along with an 8-speed transmission, ensure a smooth and stable ride. Priced at around $500, this strong, eye-catching bike is certainly an ideal choice for commuters with a small storage space or a little trunk.

Outstanding Features of Mini Cooper Folding Bikes

Mini Cooper Folding Bike Review

At the first impression, we thought the bike is requisite for Mini Cooper fans since it fits perfectly in Cooper car's backseats or trunks. But we are surprised that this bike has more things to offer than just its compact folded proportion. 

It has a very catchy and modern look with a splash of neon yellow / lime green, making riders proudly stand out from the crowd.  The lightweight aluminum frame and quality hardware components are also great selling points of this Mini Cooper bike. Most parts are manufactured by renowned brands such as Schurmann, Schwalbe,  and Dahon. 

The bike also comes with add-on accessories that give extra convenience to riders, such as the buit-in pump installed to the seat post or the carry bag attached under the seat. 

In overall, the Mini Cooper folding bike is very similar to a Dahon bike. You can also refer to Dahon Uno Speed, Dahon Speed P8 or Dahon Mariner D7 to make a comparison and pick the most suitable one among all these great options. 

Pros & Cons​


  • This Mini bike weighs 24 lbs (approximately 11 kg) - which is much lighter than other competitor products. It could be seen as one of the lightest folding bikes. 
  • The color is well-painted and beautiful. Matte black brings out boldness and sleekness, while neon yellow creates a bright, impressive look. 
  • Hardware components are sturdy and great quality. 
  • The folded size is very compact. It could be easily fit in a Mini Cooper car. 


  • The fact that Mini Cooper is more well-known as an automotive brand may cause a misgiving concern to buyers about this bicycle's quality. 
  • Some​ adjustment/replacement on pedals might be required for better usage. 
  • The add-on carry bag is cheap-made. 


  • Frame: Aluminum 7005, AAA series
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Gear: Sram 8 speeds
  • Front & rear brakes: Kinetix V-brakes
  • Fork: Dahon Slipstream, aluminum
  • Tires: Schwalbe KOJAK 35-406 20"
  • Folded size: 15" x 28" x 31"

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