How to Boost Your Motivation for Cycling

How to boost motivation for cycling

No matter what kind of cyclists you are, either recreational or professional, there are still days when you feel out of motivation for heading outside for a ride. This happens quite often to me especially during winter time, when it is cold and dark outside. The truth is cycling isn't always full of fun; sometimes it feels physically painful. So how you can beat all those moments of bike blues and boost your motivation for cycling? Let's together find out! 

​Ride with friends or family members

It's always more fun to ride a bicycle with someone else rather than on your own. Find a friend or a family member who is keen on cycling and ask them to join you for a ride. They definitely keep you motivated with cycle more as well as are able to help you to improve your riding skills

Even when your friend or family are not so interested in bicycling, this is a good chance to inspire and encourage them to get involved with such a healthy and enjoyable outdoor activity.

I believe joy is more meaningful when being shared, thus let's find a pal and spread the great pleasure of cycling. ​

Join a cycling group

Join a cycling club for better motivation

​In a pessimistic scenario when nobody around you is willing or able to get in the saddle with you, why not join a local cycling group / club?

​The biggest advantage of joining a cycling club is that you will surely meet mind-alike people who share the same interest in bicycling. It creates a positive vibe that holds your heart for cycling even stronger. 

​Another benefit of group riding is that they usually have a fixed weekly schedule, which means more urges for you to ride regularly. 

​Explore new routes

Change cycling routes

It might be quite tedious and demotivating to ride on a same route over and over again. Be adventurous and try something different!

It probably allows you explore a hidden local place you have never been before, see beautiful unseen scenery or feel different kind of air and wind on the road. 

​In some areas where cycling routes are restrictive, you may find it difficult to look for an alternate direction. Or if you commute to work everyday, it is not likely to be easy for a change. In these cases, you can rely on other tips we mention in this article to spice up your cycling trip! 

Shop for new gear

​Imagine how a little kid gets excited with a new toy. We, even adults, are all like that! The process of browsing different products, buying the one and waiting for it to arrive is really stimulating. And as a result, you just want to head out right away for a ride to test your new gear.

If you shop a new bicycle, you just want have a test ride immediately to experience its comfort level or riding performance. Or if you shop new clothing gear or cycling shoes, it's an itch to put it on straight away and test them out.

The excitement of buying brand new gear is really a strong boost for your ride. 

Make a bicycle get-away trip

Make a getaway cycling trip

A get-away trip on your bicycle is definitely a great idea to refresh yourself as well as your ride. If you only cycle within your areas of comfort zone, it would be definitely exciting to go confront the challenge with a new destination. 

​In addition, you can take this opportunity to have fun because that is what traveling and bicycling should be all about. 

Simply take a break

Take a cycling break

Sometimes it's just a temporary burn-out that holds you back for a short while. The best way is just simple take a break, giving time for both mental and physical strength to recover.

In the meanwhile, you can just take some alternative activities such as running, jogging or swimming to change the air.

​Believe me, your come back for bicycling will be much stronger and more refreshing. 

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