Folding Cargo Bikes

You hear it right: a folding cargo bike! When I heard the news about this amazing combination of a folding bike and a cargo bike, I was also shocked and truly impressed. There are now more reasons for people to leave their cars at home and pedal more to keep a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, even when they need to pick up their kids or carry heavy groceries or bulky packages. A folding cargo bike is definitely practical in everyday activities.

World's First Folding Bike by Tern & Xtracycle

Folding Cargo Bike

It's basically a longtail cargo bike that can carry loads of up to 350 lbs. The best part is it can fit into your apartment; you don't have to leave your beloved bike outside and worry about bike thief no more. However, the manufacturers only release this product on Kickstarter. We still may need more time until it's publicly for sale in the market. 

In a mean time, let's have a closer look at this cool folding cargo bike.  

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