Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Review

A high-quality all-around folding bike made by the renowned manufacturer - Dahon


Design - 9.5
Functionality - 8.5
Mobility - 8.5
Price - 8.5



A high-quality all-around folding bike made by the renowned manufacturer - Dahon

Dahon Speed P8 folding bike comes with upgraded technology frame design and high quality components, providing a top-notch riding quality like a full-sized bike.The price of around $500 is fairly high but it is totally worth your investment in a bike that is a workhorse and lasts with time. This is definitely the outstanding heavy-duty commuting bike you would wish for.

Premium Components

Dahon Speed P8 is an extremely durable folding bike even for such a small and compact size. Made with premium components, the bike is optimized for fast and stable ride, heavy-duty usage and convenient folding capability.


Designed to be an all terrain bike, it used to come with the new technology in tires called Big Apple and now replace with StreetPac tires. This new version is mildly slimmer for better maneuverable control yet still stable and smooth ride on different road conditions, including dirt, mud, swamp, tarmac, woods, you name it – which the tire will get through.​


The frame is also another very top notch feature. Crafted from the latest cycling geometry design and standards, it supports stability and control. The bike is obviously based on comfort and the frame offers just that. The frame of this Dahon bike is very strong and can handle a wide range of weights up to 230 lbs. In addition, the frame also allows further customization if users want.

Comfort and Control​

​The seat is evidently comfortable and adjustable to your own height. You will notice the frame offers a somewhat upright riding experience. The riding handles too are designed to fit well to whatever fantasy tweaking that suits you. Most bikes have a riding handle that’s loose but not this one. You will find that the bicycle is safe and relatively easy to get along with.

​Whether you commute daily, have a bike tour or travel, this is your ideal companion. Speaking of sporting, reliable statistics point out that the Speed P8 is actually faster than your average bikes.

​Speed P8 is fast and well adaptable to any environment. Maneuvering through sharp corners is the bike’s speciality thanks to the low positioned tire base. Off road will be a breeze on this bike. You can plash through a really shallow swamp and won’t worry about tire damage due to water.

​A normal bike’s tires are affected by plastered cemented surfaces but this bike is immune to issues affecting the normal bikes. Long story short, the speed P8 has way too many advantages that everyday is a discovery for you as it’s owner.

Pros and Cons of Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike​


  • The bike is made with top-notch components and upgraded technology.
  • The frame is built with great control and stability, due to the Biologic technology along with the well-built frame geometry.
  • Smart folding mechanism makes folding and unfolding the bike greatly quick and easy.
  • The folding dimension is very compact, making it extremely convenient to carry around.
  • The design is modern and sleek, definitely making you outstanding in the traffic crowd.
  • This bike offers a great, smooth and solid ride on different road surfaces in urban areas.


  • When unfolding, if you don’t double check the joints you might end up in an accident. Always make sure the joints are properly mounted before riding after unfolding.
  • The bike also is not favored by heavier people who undermine its stability design.


The verdict is out and the Dahon Speed P8 is a great folding bike with versatility, outstanding performance and high-quality components. It is a durable bike that will last long and makes a great value for your money.

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