Coolest Folding Bike Designs Ever

These super cool folding bicycles are the great results of when creativity and functionality meet. Their designs are so spectacular that I could have call revolutionized folding bikes. Hopefully we consumers can have a touch on them in the near future.

One – by Thomas Even

One by Thomas Owen Coolest Folding Bike Design


When folded this bicycle becomes a round case that is so compact to carry around. The body is made of two rings that support the structure and also fits the theme. Silver white color makes it look so chic and timeless.

Rotation by Yirong Yang

Rotation by Yirong Yang Coolest Folding Bike Design


This is a design competed in International Bicycle Design Challenge. What makes it so interesting is the ability to switch between a bicycle and a unicycle. Once you fold it up, the bicycle becomes downsized in half and so well-fitted in any small storage place.


Bergmoench Coolese Folding Bike Design


You could have seen this one around the Internet. It is actually a great idea for those who love travelling, outdoor sport and adventures. Within a few minute it becomes right away a backpack and can be carried anywhere.

Ville by Hyuk-Jae Chang

Ville Shopping Cart Folding Bike


Another great combination between a bicycle and a shopping cart. There are two baskets attached to the bicycle and turn it into a grocery cart. So you don’t have to worry no more about leaving your bicycle outside the supermarket. Just take it with you and enjoy the shopping spree!


What are your most favorite? It is actually quite tough to choose for me. But if  can choose only one, I would go for the “One” concept by Thomas Owen for its aesthetic timeless design. It looks light, sleek and very modern.

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