Causes and Solutions to Lower Back Pain in Cycling

Cycling is a great exercise to improve stamina, maintain fitness, and avoid bodily issues. Millions of people ride the bicycle daily to build up a good health. However, it can also cause adverse effects on your body, if you don’t do cycling in a correct posture.

In this article, we will discuss major causes to lower back pain in cycling and effective solutions to this issue. 

Causes of Lower Back Pain in Cycling

There are several things that may cause lower back pain, while cycling. We have explained all the causes to help you in preventing the back pain issue.

Riding an ill-fitting bicycle​

You can see small kids trying to ride some large bikes. They often get succeeded in it and ride the bike for a long time. It does not affect their physique and they do not experience lower back pain because their body is in development phase. This thing does not apply to the adults. You should never ride an ill-fitting bike because it will cause lower back pain. Your body will get in an ideal position of riding the bike and it results in lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Poor cycling position​

You should not blame your bike, if you do cycling in a poor position. The problem is many people don’t know the ideal cycling position. They don’t know how much their upper body should incline and what should be the position of their head, while cycling. Do not slump or hunch over the bike because it will cause lower back pain. You should try to sit straight and then hit the paddles to enjoy the bike ride.

Muscle fatigue​

There are some people, who try to get fit in just one day. They cycle a lot, even when their leg muscles get exhausted. It is not good because thus you can face muscle fatigue problem. Your hamstrings and calf muscles will face the adverse effects of cycling too much. It will later affect the other group of muscles. You may most probably experience the lower back pain due to cycling too much. So, you should not take such risks.

Cycling without stretching​

All the fitness experts suggest the fitness fanatics to do stretching exercises before the fitness training. The same thing applies to cycling. If you ride the bicycle in the morning without stretching your muscles, it can result in lower back pain and other bodily issues. It is in fact a major cause of lower back pain and you never make such a mistake.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

The human body has its own way of indicating that you are going to face some troubling health issues, if you don’t identify the symptoms quickly. There are some symptoms that indicate you are cycling in a wrong way and soon you may face lower back pain. Those symptoms are:

  • Low pain that you may experience only around the lower back part of your body. It is different from stinging, burning, and sharp pain. It is an indication that you may suffer with lower back pain.
  • Pain that gets worse, when you sit longer on the chair and experience after moving away from the chair.
  • If you are experiencing pain that goes from the lower back region of your body to the legs and feet, it is a symptom of lower back pain and you should never ignore it.
  • If the pain gets low after changing the sitting or sleeping position, it is a symptom of the lower back pain. You must meet an expert and discuss the issue with him to know that it is occurring due to cycling or other causes.

How to treat cycling lower back pain

Lower back pain can occur due to cycling and we have shared enough information regarding how it can occur. Now, you should know some common methods of preventing and treating this pain at home. Follow below given tips.

Bike fitting

You can easily find a professional bicycle repairman near your home. Take your bicycle to his repair shop and ask him for bike fitting. You should take the support of only certified bike fitters to ensure that he will fit the bike right according to the needs of your body.

Riding posture

There would be no chance of lower back pain, if you ride the bicycle by maintaining a good posture. You can check the best body postures online for bicycling. In addition, you can take the support of your fitness trainer to know how to ride the bike for exercising. He will help you in improving the posture and thus there will be no issue of lower back pain.

Core body exercises 

The core body exercises are quite beneficial for the overall fitness of the body. Cycling is good, but you should also add the core body exercises in the daily exercising routine to improve your fitness. Your muscles will get stronger and the spine will get stretched. Thus, the chances of back pain would be quite low.


You must change your habit of riding the bike without stretching the leg, back, arm and upper body muscles. Stretching is quite important because thus your muscles become flexible and the chances of back pain reduce.

Lower back exercises​

Try some exercises in which you can stretch the spinal cord and lower back muscles. These exercises will help you in preventing all the causes of lower back pain and you will live a healthy life.​


The issues like lower back pain can be quite troubling. You can’t work properly, you can sit properly, and you can’t take proper rest during the sleeping time. It is even worse, if it is occurring due to a fitness exercise like cycling. Keep sharp eyes on the symptoms and follow our suggestions to get rid of lower back pain and enjoy a healthy life.​

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