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Would You Buy a Cycling Airbag?

The concept of airbag for urban cyclists was first introduced in 2005 and attracted great attentions. Through years of research and development, the company – Hövding – finally release the products available for purchase worldwide.  If you aren’t familiar with this cycling airbag, check out the video below to see how Hövding works The company claims that […]

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Folding Cargo Bikes

Best Folding Cargo Bike

You hear it right: a folding cargo bike! When I heard the news about this amazing combination of a folding bike and a cargo bike, I was also shocked and truly impressed. There are now more reasons for people to leave their cars at home and pedal more to keep a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, […]

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Montague’s Frame Program for Customized Folding Bikes

Did you know that Montague – the world’s leading folding bike manufacturer – also make bare frames available for sale? This new product line allows all folding bike enthusiasts to have better options for building a completely custom fold-up bicycle.  Montague offer 3 different frame styles:Road Frame (a.k.a FIT Custom Frame)​ via Montague Bikes This frame, including […]

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Coolest Folding Bike Designs Ever

These super cool folding bicycles are the great results of when creativity and functionality meet. Their designs are so spectacular that I could have call revolutionized folding bikes. Hopefully we consumers can have a touch on them in the near future. One – by Thomas Even When folded this bicycle becomes a round case that is […]

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