Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Speed P8 folding bike comes with upgraded technology frame design and high quality components, providing a top-notch riding quality like a full-sized bike.The price of around $500 is fairly high but it is totally worth your investment in a bike that is a workhorse and lasts with time. This is definitely the outstanding heavy-duty commuting […]

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Coolest Folding Bike Designs Ever

These super cool folding bicycles are the great results of when creativity and functionality meet. Their designs are so spectacular that I could have call revolutionized folding bikes. Hopefully we consumers can have a touch on them in the near future. One – by Thomas Even When folded this bicycle becomes a round case that is […]

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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

If you are looking for an aesthetically designed folding bike which is built to last, Dahon is the brand you should first look at. Dahon has established its reputation as the world’s leading folding bike manufacturer and their products have gained customer trusts for years. The name of this folding bike – Mariner – is inspired […]

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Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike Review

Schwinn Loop 20 Inch Folding Bike Review

If you are on a tight budget and still want a properly functional folding bike, Schwinn Loop 7-speed must be the right choice for you.Schwinn has been one of the leading American bicycle manufacturers since 1895 and constantly shown dedication to high quality.Positioned at a very affordable price of around $200, this Schwinn folding bike is definitely […]

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Retrospec Speck SS Folding Bike Review

Retrospec Speck SS review

Retrospec Speck SS folding bike has been one of the best seller products of Retrospec – a leading manufacturer in urban lifestyle bicycles. With multiple choices of colors, a hip design and, more importantly, an affordable price of under $300, this Retrospec Speck is another good choice for urban riders and commuting cyclists Check Price […]

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