Best Folding Mountain Bike 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The search of best folding mountain bike might be a challenge since most fold-up bicycles are commonly designed with 16" or 20" wheels to optimize the portable and light-weight feature. However, the collapsible mountain cycles are getting more popular nowadays due to increasing demand on more off-road riding styles. In this post, we pick up folding mountain bicycles that receive most complements over time.

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Our Ratings

28.9 lbs

24 speeds


37.48 lbs

24 speeds


38 lbs

18 speeds


38.5 lbs

18 speeds


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Let's go into detailed reviews of each model. There are always both advantages and disadvantages of each product, thus you need to determine whether pros are able to outweigh cons and whether they fit your riding purposes.  

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folded Size
Montague Paratrooper Pro Folded Size


  • Positioned at the high-end price, this Montague is indeed a beast that allows riders to go on rough trails or even do dirt jumps with ease. Designed to meet military felicity, it is durable enough to withstand a drop from a plane via parachute.
  • The outstandingly strong frame made with Folding Integrated Technology (FIT) is the most favorable specification of this bike, accommodating the capability of full suspension.
  • The ride on this Paratrooper foldable mountain bike is very stable and well-handled even on downhill trails.
  • Suspension lock-out feature keeps the forks to stay still so that riders can go faster without much effort.
  • Disc brakes are strong and smoothly responsive on both front and back.
  • The adjustable seat confirms comfortable riding postures.
  • With the quick release frame, users can fold the bike effortless within 30 seconds.
  • The bike is close to full assembly when delivered, it just requires attachment of pedals and front wheels.
  • In short, Montague Paratrooper is a solid and durable folding mountain bike exclusively built for off-road riding. It has unbeatable riding quality among all fold-up bicycles.


  • Folded dimension is not the smallest (but already half of the full size)
  • Handle bar is unable to adjust
  • A few components could have been made better but they still do the work (saddles, small grips, and derailleurs)
  • The bike doesn’t really stand when being folded

Montague also introduces the upgraded version called PARATROOPER PRO.

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Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike


  • Cycrusher FR100 is another proper folding off-road bicycle with an eye-catching look. Equipped with the soft tail full suspension, the bike performs excellently the shock absorption feature when rolling on different types of road condition.
  • The riding quality is also assured by the lock out fork on the aluminum frame, proving the stability and efficient control.
  • Speaking of the frame, it is strong enough to withstand a noticeable amount of force.
  • The amount of 24 speed allows riders to ascend high hills without much effort. It also comes with an option to update to 27 speed or change into 21 speed.


  • The bike is quite heav­y at 37.48 lbs
  • The bike is not too compact when being folded
  • Durability of components is of question

Columba SP26S_BLU Folding Mountain Bike
Columba SP26S_BLU Folded Size


  • Columba SP26S is a very affordable full-size folding bike.
  • It rides fast and steadily on both flat roads and hills, suitable for both casual and adventure riders. 
  • The folding mechanism is very convenient making it stand straight itself on the ground when being folded up, thanks the alloy kickstand.
  • The Kenda thick tires plus alloy rims help to avoid bumpy rides. In addition, gear alterations are quick and comfortable.
  • It comes as 90% assembly thus minimal set-up is required.


  • Plastic brake handles might be not so durable
  • It is fairly heavy and big sized

Stowabike 26
Stowabike 26


  • Stowabike 26" MTB V2 has a much more competitive price tag than other bikes and a totally worthy value for the price
  • This V2 is an updated version improving limitations of the previous model. From our test rides and perspectives, this is more likely to be a hybrid bike rather than a mountain bike.
  • Its steel frame with a wide range of 18 speed allow riders to go confidently on both on and off-road terrains. 
  • We consider its robust Wanda tires as the biggest advantage about this full-size fold-up bike. 
  • Derailleur shifting is also such a breeze.
  • With such a low price tag, this Stowabike MTB V2 is a fairly well-put folding mountain bicycle. However, it might not be strong enough for challenging long-distance rides.


  • The bike comes unassembled when delivered, and the set-up may take some work with front wheel, pedal and brake attachment
  • The bike is heavy and not so practical for carrying especially on public transportations. But it is great if you want to keep it compact in car trunks or storage places
  • The steel frame might be quickly rusted if frequently put outdoor under bad weather
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